Skeleton Tracking Problem Solved

In the last experiment, I made a really stupid mistake which is I forgot to installed the SensorKinect.


I can’t belief that i’ve just  simply “solve” the problem because I was prepare to do exactly the same things which I did last time with the old and new version of processing.

I probably don’t have time to find out wether SimpleIOpenNI 1.96 works with Processing 1.5 or which two of them works together. I need to go on worry about how to draw the new flower pattern and contact for locations to installed my project. Maybe I will do the searching later.

If anyone have trouble using SimpleOpenNI in Processing and having an error message saying “Cannot find anything named ‘SimpleOpenNI.SKEL.PROFILE_ALL’”, don’t just search for this error message, it happens because there are a few more library needed to be installed. Go to the blog and follow the steps, hopefully your problem will be solved. Thanks for CY-View sharing the solution!

I’m now using OS X 10.8.5, Processing 1.5, and SimpleOpenNI 0.27, things goes fine.


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